My Creative Writing Piece 2

So I was unsure if anyone wanted to read more of the piece that I have written so here it is, for you all to enjoy. If not then I will return back to other content next week. So enjoy everyone!

Both Arasil and The Pope stepped out of the stairwell and into the inner court room. The tall, illuminated windows bathed the entire room in a variety of colours, mostly warm colours where the throne was sat and cooler towards the back. Most of the room consisted of dark wooden furniture. This was decorated with plenty of colour and tones. Each pew of seats was denoted with animals, saints, God’s and Goddesses depending on what the seat was commissioned to. Though colour really wasn’t a factor in this space. It was like an artist decided to have a field day and completely forget they were being put into a royal house space. Arasil liked this space the most. The diversity was what made it work. If the space had been some boring dark wood or stone he suspected no one would have appreciated the space nearly as much. Looking at the massive white stone columns rose to the arched ceiling. Which he had to remind himself, were just as detailed as the pews in front of him.

The room was only meant to hold 100 people at its maximum, though in this age the royal family numbered well into 300 occupants. So this year only Arasil’s immediate family had been allowed in. Cousins twice removed or more would be waiting in the Cathedral across the way. His immediate family had the privilege to see their King before any of the soldiers or common folk.

20 people sat in the small room, talking amongst themselves, in a room that had only recently been modernised. Comfy couches, heaters, fans and plenty of food had been set up for them all. The younger children were currently playing with a variety of games and toys, probably mercifully left by the butlers, and were engrossed with blasting zombie men in the head. Arasil’s oldest cousin, Varsil, was one of those people who seemed interested and wanted to join in but was pretending not to look. Funny considering the man was a known archer and was nearly always itching for a fight or show off his prowess in front of people who wee willing.

Most of the adults and the rest of his family, however, tended to keep the TV on. They liked listening to the other countries that made commentary but it gave them an undisputed look into the other countries and their image of Zerus. Sometimes the news was nice, other times it was blatant criticism. though they all had one thing in common and that was who on Earth were they? The current reporter on the screen was from somewhere called “Chile” if Arasil was recalling correctly. From a general standpoint and not knowing the language the reporters seemed to be treating them kindly. Even going as far as comparing him with a couple of their Gods and Goddesses.

When The Pope cleared her throat everyone turned to the door. They scrambled from the couches to the pews near the throne and stood assembled from the most important to the least important. His younger sister was first, followed by his great aunt, her children then his other aunts and one uncle with their children following in a suitable position in age order.

“I hereby decree that by the blessing of Queen Maris, Arasil Elo Zamos Firnhall is your new King. He shall be henceforth known under his new reginal name as King Ezrick. You may proceed to give your loyalty.” The Pope finished her small statement and Arasil walked to the standing platform. The light from the mid-sun warmed him from the inside as he settled himself on the oldest and intact throne in the Kingdom. The warmth spread and eased him and his steadily rising nerves.

He instantly heard the audible gasps from some and saw shocked open mouths from most of the others. It was a sight to see. It was something he didn’t think would be as amusing. His transformation was very clearly a Settling on the raised platform each member one by one pledged their allegiance to him. He sensed animosity from one of his younger cousins but he was so far down the list of heirs it would likely not result in anything worrisome.

Arasil watched his younger sister, Amriel, approach with the grace their own mother had possessed. She was equally as endowed in heritage as he was.

Arasil's younger sister Amriel

Nothing really held her back from the pompous display of “heritage” and she merely did what she wanted, to a degree. She respectfully did with the ceremony and kissed his cheek before she stood right at his side. Everyone knew that she was going to be his right hand woman, wether others liked it or not. Arasil knew however that she was more than that, she was his best friend. Not that it would ever be established outside of closed doors. His great-aunt walked up and swore her allegiance without much fuss before she made her exit out of the room and waited for one of her children.

The list went on until the problematic cousin, Etair, came along. The walk she did was slow. Deliberate to keep attention solely on herself for as long as possible. Amriel was already itching to fight with the woman but held back all her intentions when The Pope barked her order. 

“We do not have all day your highness. A bit quicker if you would.” Etair realising she was pushing her luck just a bit sped up and arrived at Arasil’s throne. 

“I offer my services to you your Majesty.” She took his hand and gently kissed, not forgetting to dig her fingers into the skin of palm as a signal of her unhappiness. Hindsight would have been a beautiful thing in this moment for Arasil, but he would later regret letting his decision to safely wave her away. 

The air around Etair changed. She looked Arasil square in the eyes and the silent promise of death unshakeable from her eyes. If she had been armed in this moment she probably would have been able to defeat him and his sister before anyone got to the throne. Yet she thankfully wasn’t. Nothing was more shocking to the siblings than witnessing a cousin, ruled by jealousy, walk away from their clutches with a poised swagger. 

“I think we need to keep things moving don’t you?” Amriel said. She offered her arm to her brother and helped Arasil walk to the next set of doors. 

A small row of steps again and they were entering the main hall of the church. The neat rows of Palace guards and the various squadrons of Air, Naval and Army forces standing stock still at attention. It was a sight to see them all there and acting so diligent and honoured to be there. Not like they had done that for him when he was growing up. Though the loyalty that these soldiers had to the crown was the one of the reasons why they were still here. Unquestionable loyalty and a fierce blood-thirst to stop whoever may cause harm to the one who wore the crown. 

The three women standing as the Generals of his forces saluted, dignified and wholly able to decimate an entire army no matter where they were. Arasil had only met them once before this, on his mother’s death bed where they had all promised to keep him safe. His mother’s last wish before she died the next morning. The air around them was electrifying and dangerous. Opposing personalities that very rarely met unless there were dire needs to be together. Rumour has it that once a very long time ago the trio had been best friends but a mission had gone wrong. They had never spoken about the details and they had gone their separate ways, each equally as formidable as her foes.  

They all stepped forward in turn and pledging their allegiance, their soldiers resounding in a quick loud succession afterwards. Genral Bartona and her Navy fleet left first. She was swiftly followed out by General Lunar and the Airforce after. Genral Iftu was last and paid particular attention to her own protégée, Amriel. The latter nodded her head to her mentor, who left without much of a word. As they all left to walk down the steps leading down from the Apostles Church it happened. Their armour that had graced his mother’s colours began fading from the light baby blue hue to black and royal blue. It was clear that the soldiers had been expecting a different colour to come out. Some seemed disappointed. The crowd bellowed in excitement at the change. People racing back and forth to hand out winnings and losses. Stands began selling out like hotcakes with the merchandise representing the new colours.

He would prove them all wrong. He would not let people disregard him just because he seemed weak to them. This included the other nations who would be looking down on him or want to invade his precious country.

20 personal guards were left in the hall. His own personal guard. They would walk him to and from his activities across the castle as well as being the only ones allowed to be in the personal wing. He knew them all by face and would be the one personally responsible for picking any of the future guards he had. They were the best of the best. To be one of the guards or to even be chosen for the position they needed to have several recommendations from any one of the Generals. They needed to be scrutinised through a year long training regime, often resulting in practice rounds to the death. They needed to have above average scores in all their academic studies as well as being visibly fit for the job. It was the hardest job and not many potential candidates. If he lost even one guard he was placing a burden on the other 19 men and women protecting him. No unnecessary action so that he could make sure their lives were just as easy as his job. 

Making the protective circle around him they began their descent to the Cathedral. His sister walked first ahead of the group, being mindful of the space she kept between the guards and the crowd. Looking every so often behind her. She led with her head held high and the confidence made her regal. The crowd were hollering and screaming as they saw him walking. He allowed himself to wave and smile. Trying to appear collected and calm.  

The reporters who had been patiently waiting outside turned when they found the doors and the royal family being escorted by the other guards. They commented erratically on the colour scheme that had appeared and the cameras eventually honed in on him.

“Well there you have it Ladies and Gentlemen. The newly appointed King is confidently walking out of the Apostles Church and heading straight into his own wedding. I am sure that whatever happens in these next few moments will be cemented into the History books. Now if we run through potential candidates for his Majesty we can try to make a guess depending on his colours now. Instantly out of the batting will be those who have assigned themselves to Green or Pink colours as well as the secondary characteristics of Red and Orange. Candidates of Yellow, Purple, White, Blue or Black will be able to have a fighting chance of keeping his Majesty’s eye. Though there are very little candidates in these categories. If the King does not find a partner in these levels he is allowed to have a pick from the other colours. If no candidate is chosen from the bunch today then the floor is open to any relevant female partner that is above a certain station in the Kingdom or further afield. We now direct our attention to the inside of the Cathedral, where our reporter Donver Pascaleis is waiting.” Said one American News reporter who passed the baton over to his counterpart waiting in the Cathedral itself.

My Creative Writing Piece

This is part one of my creative writing piece. I really just wanted to have fun in writing this week so here it is. I hope you all like it. Tell me what you think and I may post up another chapter. Tee Hee 😋😋😋

The Crown

The entire world had their cameras poised on the grand wooden doors to the Apostles Church. The intricate detail from a time forgotten was the sight many would see for the next three or four hours. Hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets as they began to bet and place money down. The only betting that was allowed to happen in the kingdom officially, was when a new Monarch of Zerus was being crowned. It was a sacred ritual that many gathered to with great excitement. The week-long holiday was also an added benefit, but you wouldn’t hear anyone mention this in public.

“Place your bets here Ladies and Gentlemen! Place your bets here!” were the various shouts up and down the stalls.

Raking in an unfair amount of money from foreigners and those who lived on the island alike. The chosen colours of the new Monarch could mean a prosperous new life or the degradation of livelihood. It was within everyone’s business to plan for their future monarch. The colours were all the nation based everything on when the time came. It also happened to be the only event where flocks of people came to the capital. It benefitted most and very rarely caused concern for the majority. The only people out of luck were the various guards that had to be called in for this event and the planners/organisers. Though this time things were different. The late Queen Forna had been the person to establish contact with people from the various communities around the world.

The most noticeable attraction had been from the “Western” countries who had sent more than enough spies, diplomats and ambassadors to their tiny island. Why? Well that was because Zerus is the only known place on the planet to still have the practicing ability to produce magic. Most saw this ability as something to be harboured and taken for their own selfish needs, but thankfully any attempt so far had been completely detrimental to their own bank accounts. The island had a plethora of hidden tricks and plights that had prevented people from landing and invading. Wind magic, electromagnetic waves and the strategically placed volcano made flying and bombing practically impossible. Long range missiles were also taken care of by the Goddess, Ahadia, herself. It was the ultimate place to live and to be happy. Long life here wasn’t uncommon, most living well into their 110’s. Citizens all had the miraculous ability to live long and fruitful life and it was heavily scrutinised by those in more wealthy countries. The secret would never be revealed though as the person who held the crown was the only one who would know.

The only person who allowed anywhere near the heir in line to the throne was the Pope herself. It would be here that Arasil, Crown Prince to Zerus, would choose his uniform, his reginal name and colours. The most important factor was that he would be forcibly grown into his adult body in the span of ten minutes or less.

The Pope offered her arm to him, breaking him from his train of thought, and walked him into the Room of Voices. The room was completely sealed. The dark room held no furniture and the darkness within was so pitch black that if there hadn’t been a floor Arasil would have assumed he was falling into hell itself. Arasil had done plenty of lessons on this specific room by his own mother. The last things she would ever discuss with him before she had died two months ago. Here he would be able to communicate to voices of the past. His entire family tree contained into one spiritual room that only he was allowed inside. The Pope bowed as she retreated out of the room and locked the door.
Walking in the room a little and fumbling his way to where he thought was the centre of the room, he stopped and breathed to even his thundering heart. A seal began to glow a faint blue hue on the floor. The swirls and lines creating the crest his mother had held during her reign. Slowly he stepped onto the seal and waited for something to happen. A couple of seconds later he felt the distinct warmth his mother used to give him when she hugged him. Slowly her apparition appeared in front of him, smiling happily.

“My dear boy.”

“Hi mama.” He couldn’t help but tear up at seeing her there. He had missed her in the three months since she had died. She gently allowed her hand to caress his face before taking a more stern approach.

“You remember the incantation I taught you?”

“Yes Ma’am.” He took a deep breath and began to recite the incantation to start the process. It was here that the most terrible pain engulfed his body, rendering him incapable of being able to process the pain much less scream about it. He wasn’t aware just how much time had passed between the start and the finish. When it finally stopped and he could actually feel everything again and process his surroundings, he was on the ground. The crest that would have fit his 11 year old body had grown more than a foot and a quarter. Using his hands to feel the outline and shape of his body revealed that the training he had done had translated perfectly to the image he wanted. Powerfully built but not grossly muscled. Nothing to indicate abs had come through, thank god for that, and everything else including his feet he had almost pin-pointed exactly. Other endowments had thankfully been normal. The only abnormality, if you could call it that, was a slightly girthier appendage. Nothing else besides a normal healthy young man in his twenties. The beard was not a welcome sight though but he would wear it until his coronation was done though.

Arasil in his new body

“Quensia! Forna, please tell me in all honesty who did you bed? It wasn’t a God was it?”

His grandmother gasped whilst floating all around the place eyeing Arasil up and down.

“It was no one special. He wasn’t even that good looking. To be honest with you, I was too drunk to notice. It wasn’t as if I had to see the man again. We just went ahead and did it and that was that.”

“Do you think this could be the blessing Queen Torra mentioned?” His great-grandmother Tena thought aloud.

“Is he the Astralcloud?” someone piped up further in the room. From voice alone he assumed it was someone a little further removed from any of his immediate relatives here. When the apparition came into focus he was surprised by who he saw. It was in fact Maris, the very first Queen of Dorth. She looked at Arasil. Well it was more like looking into him than looking at him. She seemed to come to an answer after a few brief seconds whilst his mother argued with her grandmother.

“Ladies. He is the Astralcloud. Look.” Just as she motioned back to him his royal clothes started to materialise onto his body. He looked down as the clothing changed but what would be the most noticeable point to everyone, spirit or otherwise, he had no specific colour scheme like the other Queens of time past. His uniform was black, royal blue and had trim of bright gold. His cloak was bright royal blue and casted with millions of tiny gold dots which resembled constellations. Before he could say anything, a knock came from the door.

A person in a garment

Description automatically generated with low confidence

“Your majesty, is everything alright?” The Pope called out. Her concern evident.

“I’m fine.” He said before realising how deep his voice was. It shocked him and clearly The Pope too who backed away from the door quickly. Standing up slowly he tried to quickly get accustomed to his taller and broader body. It felt weird but he didn’t really have much time to get fully accustomed. He was sure that he had spent too long in the room and people would be getting nervous if he spent anymore time here. The light from outside the door jar was the only thing that kept him from bumping into any of the walls.

“Arasil.” His mother called out. The apparitions were beginning to fade as he moved away from the seal on the ground.

“Good luck.”

She grinned before disappearing into a puff of smoke. The seal vanished and the dim light in the room descended the room back to pitch black. He fumbled his way to the door and his hand engaged with the handle. Just before he opened, the crowds outside were so loud he wondered if they were actually safe. The Pope must have sent a smoke signal to those waiting in the Cathedral across the street and those waiting outside.

Light spilled into the room from the outside and he saw The Pope standing with her head bowed, waiting respectfully near the crown. She raised her head and he could visibly see her eyes bulge out of their sockets.

“Trust me I am just as surprised as you are.” He told her and knelt in front of her.

She proceeded to anoint him and do the whole ceremony in the witnessing of his spiritual ancestors. Once she was finished she held her arm out and helped him off the ground, steadying him when he tilted a little bit.

“We’ve got a bit of a walk down to the main church so you can get used to your new body. We can go slow if you need more time to adjust.”

“Perfect. The long legs are tripping me out. That and my new centre of balance. Any tips?”

“Your mother put her arms out to the side to help her balance other than that it’s all just practice.” The Pope said before holding open the first door to their first obstacle. Stairs. Lots of them. Thankfully there was a bannister for help as he descended.

“I don’t suppose you’ve picked a reginal name for yourself have you?” She asked him as they got to the last round of steps.


“A very bold choice might I say your Majesty.”

“Yep. I have a feeling that this will be the age of new discoveries. Thought it would be more fitting to name myself that way.”

“Of course sire.”

When he rounded the corner to the last step he was greeted with a TV showing the news of the Capital. How the cameras panned the waiting crowds and the commentary of the reporters. There were thousands more people in the streets now than when he first went in and it was now proving difficult to see anyone’s faces clearly.

“Do they seem positive at all?” He asked as The Pope adjusted her robes and hat.

“They seem to be responding well to your coronation. A little concerned over the length of time, though when you emerge from these doors they will understand why?”

“Then let’s get this party started then. Shall we?” He asked and motioned to the closed door. The last obstacle for this part of the journey.

Thats it for this week I do hope you all have fun with whatever life is throwing at you and I will see you all again next week.

twirlsandcoco 😋

Record of Wortenia

Hello again all you marvellous people on the internet it is I, twirlsandcoco, back again with another reading suggestion for anyone looking for a light read. I hope you have all managed to safe during these times and that you are all healthy. For today’s lovely suggestion I thought I would present to you a fantastic read called Record of Wortenia.

The synopsis for this story is like your usual modern Japanese man gets reincarnated or transported to a world of magic and fantasy. Everything in this aspect merely starts off the same way the difference? The protagonist of this story actually knows what he is doing. You think I’m wrong on this aspect? I’d like for any one of you to read one of the books or a sample of the book and you will instantly know what I am talking about. This series follows the journey of Ryuoma Mikoshiba as he navigates his way back to Modern Japan. He encounters deadly foes and fearless allies in his fight to saving not just himself but those around him.

Now onto the great things about this light novel. Well as you can probably tell by my praise in the synopsis I am thrilled that I can actually have a smart protagonist. The amount of times I read stories and the protagonist is either too stupid *cough Infinite Stratos cough cough* or is too unlikeable * cough Overgeared cough cough* this protagonist was breath of fresh air. I had an awful lot of fun reading this novel and trying to figure out just what the protagonist was going to do next. All the while I can understand exactly what he does when he does it and it is so interesting to read a character that isn’t spineless, ignorant or a mixture of both. I honestly cannot praise the author enough for having created this story. Another keen detail for those of you who have potentially read this series is the fixation, or perhaps a lack, of romance and a steady focus on the battles and fights that happen in the book. The ability for our main protagonist to make accurate but well educated guesses leaves me spell bound sometimes because of how quick he catches on. The story flows smoothly and leaves me wanting an awful lot more by the end of it so I am thrilled that there are more than 5 books in this series. I will greatly enjoy this I think.

The only bad thing I will say about this is that the protagonist at times can seem rather heartless and too hell bent on wanting to return home but other than that there is very little wrong with the characters, story or the world building. Only some of the more necessary evils in the book might get a little irritating but I think that comes with any book you may read. It could get a little much at points but there really isn’t anything that the author doesn’t later rectify.

I hope this was helpful for many of you who might be stuck indoors during another U.K. lockdown. I hope you all stay happy healthy and I will see you next time.

twirlsandcoco 😋

Throne of Glass Series

Hhheeelllloooooooooo wonderful people on the internet it is I the mysteries uploader here today with another post. I hope you all had a great new year and a great Christmas. I did in fact have a wonderful birthday during this period of rest, and yes I did enjoy my birthday to. Enough with rambles though and lets get into the book series.

So my wonderful human beans let us plunge right into this series. To anyone who hasn’t read this I would urge you. URGE YOU to pick up this series and read it. Not only is the plot all thought out but the sassy characters the believable plot and the awesome character development was utterly spectacular. I read the entire series in about a week and a half. I kid you not guys I read one book in less than 24 hours because I had stayed up all night reading it. It was a brilliant series.

Maas and her writing style was so easy to read. It came to my attention whist looking at her writing style but I did figure out that sometimes the way writers communicate it can sometimes get messy or confusing. Well not with this series. It was so utterly easy to just read and read and read that I finally understood what good writing is. Maas’s writing was heavily focused on the speech and the sharp pace of the book that there were very few instances when I felt like the description was too much. They were blunt and to the point. It communicated what it wanted to communicate and left very little in regards to waffle. A massive thank you to Maas and her editors. I’m not sure why I wanted to talk about this particular part of the series but I think it is vital that writers realise that poor or convoluted/complex descriptions and speech make things more difficult for the reader.

The characters and their growth was one of the best things I could have hoped for. A certain Captain got on my nerves about half-way through the book series but it eventually got better. We do love personal growth and it is something that I am thrilled to say actually happened. Infuriates me when a character you like turns bad or gross and you just kinda sit there like “Why do I like you again?”. Anyways all the characters in the book series had personal journeys or personal growth which was super satisfying and there were hardly any characters that had been left out. A wonderful development for the multiple characters that appeared.

The world building now let me tell you the world building that I got from these books was just *chefs kiss*. I had so much fun reading about the world that they lived in and the history about previous generations. It was so much fun to learn about the history, the arts, the entertainment and of course the way people have to live. Not much difference from fantasy novels set to a Henry VIII backdrop but the fact that magic was added to the mix really intrigued me. It isn’t much different from the light novels that I read just the premise and the story of the characters was really intriguing. It was nice ti read such a thought and well rounded story that didn’t really have that many plot holes or any places where the plot could have been easily altered. I think Maas did a great job in throughly planning her story and thought about all the possible solutions to the problems that she could have had.

Now my dear duckies I do apologise for the lack of updates in the past couple of weeks but I do hope this will keep you going for now. Until my next update everyone stay happy and safe.

twirlsandcoco 😋

Throne of Glass

Heelllloooooooo to all of my wonderful readers. How are we all doing today? I hope everyone is currently bright a merry today. For the post this week I wanted to share with you our first physical, non-light novel, book. Written by the wonderful Sarah J Maas we have Throne of Glass.

As per usual here is the synopsis of the story before I divulge further into my thoughts. Celaena is an assassin. Trained brutally to master every single thing there is to know about killing someone. That is until she is caught and sent straight to the worst place on the continent, Endovier. The Salt mines used as a slave concentration camp. One fateful meeting with the Crown Prince. He offers her a choice of training to be his Champion or spend the rest of her life trapped in Endovier. She quickly takes the offer. Though her only catch is that she has to beat 23 other champions for the prime position of King’s assassin. Not is all as it seems and once she settles into her new routine finally discovers just what has been lurking inside the palace walls. Nothing in the castle is as it seems and when Champions start to go missing it is up to her to find the answer to a difficult but deadly problem.

Now onto the absolute positives that I will honestly rave about for a good five minutes. When I tell you that I loved this main character I really do mean that I LOVED her. Celaena is an 18-year-old woman who is smart, beautiful and the best part of all, sassy as hell. There is no end to the laughs I had whilst reading this book. I am genuinely upset with my past self for not picking it up sooner. The way in which Sarah Maas has developed this character to be so sassy and clever is just *chef’s Kiss* I think it has created a new passion as I now adore femme fatal, clever, sassy, characters. I just can not believe that my past self didn’t want to pick this up because it seemed like all the other fantasy books out there. The plot is paced pretty well. we have a little mystery and spice to the story and we also get the thrill of having to pass the tests that crop up in the tournament. We see how an assassin works with people instead of having the blunt end of the killing stick. I liked that Celaena isn’t a tomboy. We experience a young woman who wants to be just that. A young woman. She wants to wear the dresses and make-up and dance at balls, which is something more often than not is worn away or very rarely displayed. I loved that we got to experience a twist on the female assassin character. The supporting characters were well written too. Each had their own voice and you could tell when someone wanted to do something or make a decision based upon how they were written. I hardly felt Mass’s voice in the story which was brilliant to see. The world building was excellent, if anyone has the time I would advise reading the Prequel to this book first. Just to get some context. It was a tad confusing but otherwise without it you aren’t going to be completely lost. I also really loved the way the antagonists were written in this story. Nothing was given away until right at the very end and the story that built up and made everything so tense was nicely put.

Now lets move onto the massive negative about this book. Love Triangles. I hate them. If there was a need for the love triangle to be there then it is not made in this book. Two young men vying for our female protagonists attention. There is nothing worse I don’t think then having a love triangle right in the middle of a book about killing people. It was the single most annoying thing about this book. That and the love triangle developed so quickly that I’m a bit like *^*. I didn’t understand how the characters could move so quickly from basically hating one another to almost falling in love. It made no sense. Apart from that I honestly wanted more of the mystery and fictional aspect given in this book. I felt there was too much emphasis on relations rather than on world building, but perhaps this is my more adult standards setting in.

I would highly recommend people read this book as it was a genuine page turner.

I hope everyone stays happy and healthy and I shall see you all in the New Year.



Heeeelllloooooooooo to all of you who are visiting for the first time and to those of you who are visiting again. I welcome all of you for taking the time out of your day to read the content of this blog. Today I would like to introduce a Korean Novel that I have been reading and would like to suggest to you today.

Overgeared is a about our protagonist named Grid. He like many of the other 2 billion users on Satisfy play to be able to get to the ranking positions. the better you are the more money you get in game which can then be converted into money in the real world. Grid plays most of the game being brash, stupid and mostly unable to grasp even the basic of concepts in the game. Plot progresses in the usual VR Game plot line and we eventually see the steady mature growth of both the character and the writer. I would recommend to anyone that should you be willing to read this story then stick with it, despite how bad the writing is.

What are the things that I like about this web novel? Well for one thing the story is evenly paced and we constantly have the story progressing both in the game and in Grid’s personal life. Most stories in this genre I feel – based on no knowledge at all by the way- would probably have a weakness in telling the story that was based on real life. I liked the world building that this author has chosen as well as the small but noticeable character development. The plot is great and everyone knows at which point in the novel is going to happen, but not in a cliche way. There is enough to make the story have tension as well as not giving everything to the reader. It gives us enough the want to keep reading but not be so quick in the pacing that we felt like we needed more. I can’t say the same for all the chapters in the story as I have read only up to chapter 30.

Now we unfortunately have to move onto the biggest flaw and set back in the novel. That is the overwhelming disappointment at Grid being the biggest jealousy, stupid and selfish character at the start of the novel. I kid you not there have been a few instances where I have wanted to place the web novel away and never look at it again all due to the arrogance and stupidity of this character. I am unsure if the world in the game just produces really prideful people or if this is just the writing style of the author but it is difficult to get passed. I will warn anyone who wants to read this novel to please try and get through the first novel before the judgement begins. I think besides this major character/writing flaw the only other ting I should mention is that the jealousy of this character is just….it makes me want to bang my head on the wall with annoyance. Grid gets jealous about every single little thing and lets it affect him in such a way that he doesn’t carefully analyse or correct his behaviour/situation. The only saving grace as I am further seeing is that the writer is actually minutely advancing himself as an author so reading the story makes it worth while.

Thats all I have for now folks. I hope everyone stays happy and healthy especially in the new year! Until next time.


Tales of Demons and Gods Ch 1-10

Hellloooo again my darling viewers and welcome to this weeks blog of the week 😋 I hope you are all doing wonderfully and that you are staying healthy and safe. This week I decided that I wanted to dive into the Chinese light novel genre of Wuxia. Now to my understanding I think Wuxia is the genre for chinese light novels that are centred around martial arts in ancient China. Now I could be wrong so please don’t hate on me but when I did a little bit of digging I thought this was an interesting genre to read. The book or should I say web novel that I have chosen to read is called Tales of Demons and Gods.

The whole summary of this web novel is about a marital artist named Nie Li. He has been reincarnated and travelled back in time, all his previous knowledge still remains. He has transported essentially to his younger self and begins his life again from basically nothing. All he can remember up to this point in time is that he was fighting some pretty powerful beasts and was prepared to have his life end there. It seems as if some sort of mystical being or circumstance has changed his fate and he starts all the way back from ground 0. Nie Li then spends the rest of his training in the institute, a school essentially for young martial art students like himself, and tries to desperately bring his level back up to a decent level.

If anyone is interested the web novel does in fact have a comic version, it doesn’t have all the chapters and misses half the information from the web novel, but I will show you the cover here:

Now onto the things that I liked about the first ten chapters of this web novel. Firstly I loved the fact that there were explanations for most of the content in the story. I liked the fact that the characters were equally discernible from one another and the plot was different. I enjoyed reading something I had no experience in. It was fresh and gave me a little bit of insight into Chinese culture. I might add here that it isn’t proper Chinese culture but it seems to me that Chinese people may even be reading content of this sort and enjoying it. So it was nice to try something new. I will of course be trying different Chinese genres and light novels in the future. I loved that the plot wasn’t super static and it felt as if there was a clear direction the story was taking. There was a goal and ultimately the situations occurring could accurately represent the journey our protagonist went on.

The parts I wasn’t so enthused with were the descriptions oddly enough. The descriptions of the characters felt just completely flat and honestly something that a misogynistic man might think of. I’m sorry I said it but that’s just how I feel. The women characters were all the same beauty wise. Big boobs. Pale skin. Beautiful complexions and they seemed to have very little in the way of character. Frankly had the plot not been son engaging I frankly would have turned this web novel down and placed it away and never read it again. The male characters all somehow seemed to be far more engaging. Now don’t get me wrong I love a good hero saves the princess moment. In fact when I was younger I didn’t even like it when the women characters had an out going personality but now that I’m older, it’s all I want. I want writers to not just add a damsel in distress for the sake of adding her in. I want a strong female lead who, even if she does end up captured or injured she can cope just fine by herself. She requires no man to help. She would absolutely not need to fall in love with her saviour over the smallest of things. Perhaps this is just how this particular writers conveys his characters for the sake of the Genre? I certainly would understand if most Chinese novels under Wuxia were like this but to me if they all happened to have characters like this then I’m afraid I’ll have to give the entire genre a skip. It’s just point blank dull and really uninviting. We shall see though where the story takes us and what the characters do next.

I will of course have another look at all the other novels that are available and which ones take my interest so I shall keep you all updated.

Stay happy and healthy everyone.


How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

Hello hello hello to all my lovely readers out there in the world. I do hope that everyone is happy and healthy today and that your day is just a little bit more relaxed than mine was. Today I will be creating a post that is centred around How the Realist Rebuilt the Kingdom.

The synopsis for this story is how do you run a kingdom efficiently? There are no great battles. No swords or mystical beings that need to be defeated in fact it so anti-climatic Souma, our protagonist, can’t quite get his head wrapped around the idea. With the most cliched plot in the Isekai genre our hero is summoned to another world against his best interests. He realises that when he arrives the kingdom in question is suffering severely. So what does our protagonist do? Well he advises the King. Not even a few hours after doing what our protagonist does best he is handed the throne and the King runs off for a better life that doesn’t involve ruling a nation. Souma, bless his dear little heart, now needs to run a kingdom he doesn’t know whilst trying to solve the various problems that arise.

So let’s start with the good stuff. I have to say that there is very little in the way of competition for this book. We often see protagonists end up being the special hero that slays a beast or monster. This book doesn’t do that. It gives a pretty detailed day to day running of what goes on behind the closed doors. How does someone from another world run a country that is significantly inferior to the one you just left? Add in some magic and you have the ability to have some real fun with the story. I for one wasn’t aware of how complex running a country was and I believe the author has been very insightful to try and make the situation as realistic as possible. I felt that the characters were well thought out and they certainly have room to develop as well as learning more about their backstories and their weaknesses. Due to the POV we get from Souma there is some rambling about terminology here and there but nothing super detailed. We get to understand more about the politics, economy and how the relationships all have to be managed when you sit upon the throne.

Now onto the bad things about this story. If you want to have something fast paced and full of action then this story isn’t for you. It is slow and whilst this isn’t bad it is just ever so slightly dull. I feel the author could have made it a tiny more action based but in all honesty that wouldn’t really be the thing that draws you to the story. The thing that should be drawing you, the reader, in is the different way in which a summoned hero is taken to an alternate world. I did find myself stopping halfway through given there was very little interest keeping me from reading but I stuck with it in order to finish the book. I feel the characters at the moment in time on Volume one, have plenty of work to be done on them. I felt that reading one or two of the characters they did feel a little flat or 2-D. This is in no way a harsh criticism but something that might just be the style of writing or communication that the writer has given. Apart from that I have no sense of relation to the characters even though the thinking and emotions the characters feel are all justified and well out together.

That is all for now though folks and I do hope that this was an enjoyable read. I wish you all to stay happy and healthy in a time of bad luck and being indoors, at least for poor old me 😭.

twirlsandcoco 😋

A Side Character Like Me Could be Popular Right?

Hello again wonderful readers of the internet. It is the ever elusive twirlsandcoco at your service here to delight your feed with the next item on my reading agenda.

Today Is going to be another High-school romcom, I think I am a tad addicted to them if I am honest with you. So you may want to know about the plot that I have ever so graciously constructed for you so here it is. Tomoki Yuuji is in his second year in high-school. He is best friends with the most popular boy in the school, Ike Haruma, so far all ok nothing unusual, the twist on this whole thing are his looks and his attitude. The aura that surrounds him puts people off and he often is the receiver of scared or even concerned looks from his peers. He has been dubbed the biggest bully in the school, despite not having any kind of fighting under his belt. People stay far away from him because he looks as if he is always pissed off or out to kill. Due to this he has no social life, even though he really wants to have one. His is a misunderstood boy who has the heart of gold. Not everyone sees him that way though. The catch for this story? Ike Haruma’s popular little sister asks our protagonist Yuuji out. She does so with the intention of duping the entire male population in the school to stop asking her out. So as a favour Yuuji does in fact say yes to the devilish plot that has been granted towards him. Now he has to spend his high-school year convincing the rest of the school that the relationship is real.

Now let’s get onto the positives of this story. Despite it being a little cliche in the loner type way I think it is a slightly fresher take on the whole high-school romcom idea. You have a character, whilst a bit gloomy and negative, he usually does everything he can to keep promises. He is semi intelligent and on the whole respectful. Not in the “I won’t do anything and I’ll blush all the time” but he acts like a cool guy. Takes every situation thrown at him in a calm collected manner. I like that about the main character Yuuji and it isn’t something you get from other characters thus far. They all just happen to blush or get too nervous or they just happen to be really perverted. The character I have to say is just normal. An average normal way a man in society would act. The female protagonist is a funny and she moves the plot along for us. She knows what she wants and does not hesitate to use that to her advantage. She pushes Yuuji in a way none of the other characters have. I think the characters in this story are believable and relatable. The plot whilst it was slow, allowed the author to explore their characters more. I liked that we had a deeper experience with the characters that we got. Despite it being such a short book the development was great.

The negatives that come with this story are the repetitive scenarios. Whilst it does stay true to the plot and the reason behind why Yuuji has no friends I find that the train of thought the other has conveyed to the characters and in turn the audience isn’t as strong. There are one or two plot holes in the story, in my opinion, but there really isn’t anything bad about it. I must admit that I was desperately reading this book to get a better sense of the world that the characters lived in. I was craving for some back story and the pace despite it being an interesting read, was slow. The story doesn’t really progress much in the way of plot.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this short post of mine this week and I shall be back with another post next week. I hope everyone stays happy and healthy. Until next time.


Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki

Heeeellllllllooooooooooooo friends of the internet how are we all doing? I hope life is treating you all well and you are able to feel a bit of positivity in a time that is all the more burdensome. I think they have finally released a bit of news in regards to vaccines today. It is brilliant news and hopefully we can all emerge from our igloos of safety and into the boundless world that is our planet.

Today’s post is dedicated to a pretty interesting novel that I found whilst being slumped on my couch doing nothing with my life. Bottom-tier Character is as you might have guessed about a gamer boy who has no social awareness or even any sort of ability to communicate with people beyond a screen. A match with a fearsome opponent on the game Tomozaki-kun, our protagonist, is the number one player at gets him to reconsider his stance on real life being boring. He decides to meet up with the player that will take his crown only to find that it is none other than the most popular girl in his class. She, being disappointed at finding out her idol in the game is none other than the weeb standing in front of her, turns to leave only to be stopped and asked if she wanted to stay and talk. It is here that she realises that Tomozaki is such a loser at talking to even people his own age, tries to help him understand that there is a point to trying in life. Determined to get his ass off the couch and into the real world the two of them navigate the ups and downs of High School as well as the various social differences and conflicts it takes to make friends.

Now I want to give my praises to this book. Especially considering how some people in the world really do not understand how friendship works or just how do you go about making new friends. This also mildly bends its way to how do you make yourself appear more confident than you really are. Well first thing first is that you need to be able to attract even just one or two people and their attention. I had a blast reading the journey of progression from gamer boy to socialite within the 200 something pages. The story world is constructed nicely and everything in the book seems to be driven pretty well. The main character, whilst being pretty dense, is a quick learner and does try his best to tackle any given situation. This is one of the many benefits I have begun to see from this series. Social gatherings are difficult for people at the best of times, especially if you don’t know anyone. It certainly gives a nod to the confidence boost everyone just needs to get on and do the job. Another thing I would greatly like to point out is that whilst it might look the the protagonist is gravitating down towards a harem genre route this is in fact just a friendly helping route, as far as I am aware. It is refreshing and nice to read about to be honest with you.

Do I have anything bad to say about this book? Perhaps again just one small transgression that I do have but this is supposed to be a non-romance novel. But seriously the lack of fluff in this novel between the one female character that has been heavily implied is so FRUSTRATING! I just so badly want to see them go on an actual date and to have the best time of their lives. Perhaps in future novels this may change but my god the actual fluff makes me just want to hug myself into a small ball and watch as the two both grow up and old together. I won’t reveal who this mystery girl is but I shall leave that to you my dear readers to have a go at. Tell me what you think about this particular scenario if you want to?

For now stay safe and healthy everyone!

twirlsandcoco 😋