F(X) Member’s Pt.2 Luna

Hello again to everyone who is graciously checking out these posts by your’s truly. Today we shall be looking at the next F(X) member Luna. I will say my deepest apologies for having this post come out so long after the first one. A lot has happened as I’m sure you’re all aware of. Without further ado here is the second member of F(X).

Stage Name: Luna

Birth Name: Sun Young Park

DOB: 12 August 1993

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 161 cm or 5′ 3″

She was first scouted into SM after appearing on a TV show in 2006. Luna has one of the best developed female head voices in the industry. I stumbled across a blog post who has analysed Luna’s singing voice and if anyone would like to read it here it is. My general rule of thumb is that for those of you who do not know about any K-pop Idols then head over to K-Profiles as they have all the necessary information that you might need.

A few things to note about Luna is that she is a fantastic singer, and is appearing an awful lot more frequently in stage plays and musicals in Seoul. These include but are not limited to Rebecca, Legally Blonde, The Last Kiss and Coyote. As well as having a prominent Solo career and Youtube channel she is a ray of sunshine in the group and often acts goofy, along with Victoria. They tend to be the clowns of the group and act fairly light heartedly.

Her notable position in F(X) is Main Singer and Lead Dancer. On the day of F(X)’s debut she was so overwhelmed but was also incredibly happy to have finally debuted. Skipping forward now to and she has successfully left SME, moving to a smaller company called Humaps Contents to continue in her solo activities.

For anyone wondering what she’s like off stage and on variety shows my I suggest that you check out Masked Singer and also Knowing Brothers where she often shows her charming and silly nature to the public. If you want a behind the scenes look at her life then I would throughly suggest that you check out her Youtube Channel “Luna’s Alphabet”. A great show should you want to see her in a different light or setting.

If anyone wishes to see more content from Luna’s singing I would throughly recommend you check out her solo music. Free somebody was her first ever single as a solo artist under SME, but she has released further work that you should absolutely check out. I will leave the link to Luna’s work here. She has released an EP and a couple of other singles since leaving SM but I shall let you depart here and find out for yourself.

That’s it for today folks. I’m sorry it isn’t as long as I would have liked but it was all I could manage for this week. I will come back at various points to add to the content once more news comes out.

Stay safe and happy everyone. Until next time.


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