My Youth Romantic Comedy is not as Expected

For this weeks entry I would like to introduce a different type of light novel compared to the previous novels I have introduced. Oregairu, also having been adapted into an anime, is sure to create a small buzz from those people who like a bit of romance and slice of life, but with a twist.

Hachiman Hikigaya is cynical and hates to trust people. As the school’s number one loner he finds it difficult to take life in high school, or anyone in his life, seriously. A school report gets him placed in the school served club. Here he meets the two beautiful but slightly twisted main heroines of the story. During the school year they are tasked with helping those who seek at the service club. these tasks can include helping with a school production or helping someone wanting to ask their crush out. There are plenty of topics to keep the club members are involved with but throughout all of this, Hachiman only seeks to help people in a more than dishonest way.

Things I liked about this light novel, or at least the beginning, is that this seems to be your typical loner in high school suddenly gets a variety of interest from the school beauties. Yet due to his rather cynical nature and personality he very rarely gets the opportunities that many other protagonists get. I liked this twist and was almost pulling my hair out for these characters not realising his true intentions. I also have to admit despite being this early in the reading I am all for both relationships progressing, which I have to say is a different place for me to be in. I am more for one to be a single person relationship only but frankly I can see both of these relationships working. Lets just hope Hachiman’s personality improves a tiny bit.

There weren’t really negatives about this book so far. I have high praise for the writing and also the characters and story development. Obviously there could have been a couple of changes but that is what makes this story so good. Great writing with a twist that normal characters probably won’t have is especially crucial to this growing market. Everyone wants to stand out but nothing will give you more views than a protagonist who is cynical and doesn’t even try to change.

If anyone would like to view this light novel here is the link. Of course there are only a couple of light novels that you can read in English online but I will be back with another post if you require another website to find more of them.

As for now I hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this terrible pandemic. any comments would be greatly welcomed.


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