Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 2

So I have in fact read ahead a little bit on these light novels now. The second volume gives more exciting content than the first book does.

Naofumi and Raphtalia have successfully managed to help block the second wave of destruction from wrecking havoc on the country of Melromarc and have also managed to save the nearby village from total annihilation. Everything goes well until a specific douchebag and offending party try to rectify this situation. Raphtalia, now grown and aware of what Naofumi has gone through stands up to save him. After dealing with troublesome pests Naofumi re-visits the slave dealer only to gain some new friends, a Filo Rial, and a troublesome new skill.

So the good things about this book was that finally a sense of justice has been given to Naofumi, it feels great after the other heroes come to help. I loved how we are given the new companion to the group and how much trouble they all get in. I also loved the fact that a certain romantic blockhead gets his butt absolutely kicked and that Naofumi is finally able to trust people. Perhaps not to strangers but I can see some small character growth which is great for the story progression. Also the new companion, not to give spoilers but SPOILER AHEAD, Firo is the damn cutest character I have ever seen in a light novel. she is basically a puppy but in bird form and I cannot deal with it. The light novel even has a drawing of her once she’s hatched and she literally is just a puffball with eyes. She’s just so damn fluffy. If you ever have the opportunity to get a physical copy of this book get it for Firo realness.

Onto some more negative things about this book. Not that there are any negatives because all scenarios and characters have been created to be irritating, however I am starting to see a very clear pattern in the thought process the author has used. If this trend keeps up in the later volumes I will be commenting on it later but the way Naofumi thinks and analyses situations is already a nitpicking point that I have to point out. Many might disagree with my views but then again why don’t you leave some comments and I’ll be happy to hear of anything you give?

Hope you all are having a brilliant week. Stay safe from the Corona Virus guys!


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