Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

My apologies again for the lateness in posting. Getting sick is never fun and the common cold has taken me down one after another in the past month or two. My poor immune system sucks balls. How has everyone been in the long wait? Did your Christmas Holiday go well? School?

So onto the actual reason why you are reading this. I have to say my reading for this has waned a bit since I started. If you love to read about military weapons, tactics and machinery then this is the light novel for you. I have read the first novel, hence why I am writing, and I was very intrigued with the whole premise but the dense descriptions of weapons and tanks is a bit of a headache.

The whole premise is that a military nerd Nagato Kazuya is transported to another world (nothing new here) and when he gets transported he gave himself a set of rules. With these rules and with a near to modern day military power he sets out to conquer the land he is now living in. Did i also happen to mention that there is a Yandere advisor?

So as for the good things about this. Loved that there was action in this story, it had pace and wasn’t stagnated at all. There is a constant need for action or something being revealed and that made the reading far easier to keep engaged, unlike Re: Monster (coming soon). The protagonist has set himself a goal and is thankfully making efforts to combat the things in his way. As for the characters themselves I feel personally they have been well set out. each has their own motive, despite the soldiers Kazuya summons. I find the Yandere love in this to be almost comical in the story, I would also like to add that the twist this gives was nice to read.

Onto the bad things about this novel. Transported to another world cliche often revolves around some Japanese man or woman being thrust into a fantasy type setting and doesn’t have the guts to do anything but blend in with their surroundings. Unless you are reading a hero summoning then you really cannot expect the story to progress more than that. It’s a simple life that honestly just gets boring if you don’t try anything daring. The other cliches that come with these stories end up with the protagonist crying, being enslaved or just generally having rotten luck until they “magically” find their lucky point and boom get over powered far too easily. I can almost feel that the story might take a turn for the worst so I am unaware of what cliche might come up next.

I hope to keep you all informed about this decision sometime in the future. Until then happy reading.

twirlsandcoco 😁

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